4 Types of Entertainment You Can Introduce in Your Bar

If you want to make your bar a success, you must have the right atmosphere! Having an exciting buzz will entice your guests to come back again and again. You can bring in tried-and-tested bar games and entertainments to keep your bar humming with activity till dawn!

So what type of entertaining activities should you have in your bar? The art of choosing the right entertainment for your bar must revolve around keeping guests engaged for longer so people keep returning for their weekly dose of activities and games while socializing with their friends.


Here are the four main types of entertainment you can introduce in your bar to keep guests coming back:

1. Karaoke

Bar Karaoke

Having a Karaoke night will provide your guests with the ultimate fun night in your bar. Many people just want to perform to have fun and karaoke is a wonderful way to engage your guests and give them a chance to get up on stage and shine!

You can set up multiple Karaoke booths that can accommodate more than one singer at a time for those who are interested in duets! You can dedicate one day of the week as a karaoke night or throw karaoke themed parties on the weekends! Invest in a karaoke machine for your bar with good audio quality, durability and a good song database today and see how entertained your guests will be.


2. Fun Games

Fun Games

You can choose from dice drinking games which are simple and cost effective and introduce other games like Klondike, Farkel and Tally-hold to keep your guests entertained. Music related games are always fun and you can introduce the popular ‘Name that Tune’ where a guest must identify the song after hearing only a part of the song; the person who guessed the most correctly wins. Trivia is another game of guessing that is fun and popular: pick a topic of interest and hire a high-energy, entertaining host to quiz your guests.

You can attract a younger crowd by having a video game night for games such as Halo or Call of Duty for social gamers.

Throwing darts is one of the most popular and it doesn’t cost much to set up. If you have enough space, you can set up a dart board, buy some darts and provide a great fun experience for your guests!


3. Live TV

Live TV

It is natural to install at least one good quality television in your bar, especially if you want yours to be sport-themed. Sports bars need TVs so that enthusiasts can watch their favorite games while socializing. So make sure your cable or network is equipped with the most up-to-date sports packages for your guests. You can also use apps like ShowBox and Netflix for streaming TV related content on a large HDTV or projector in your bar.


4. Sports & Sport-related Events

Sports Bar

Pool, Air Hockey or Foosball are great games for maintaining a regular and loyal customer base. These games are so popular that people will keep coming back to play! You can have dedicated nights for sports and even host tournaments for enthusiasts. And of course, your bar can support local teams by hosting special events for them.

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