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6 Karaoke Tips to Kill It in a Bar

Do you think that you are an Alicia-Keys-wannabe-singer who do not have enough confidence to sing in front of an audience you do not know? Or, you want to perform in some late-time bars and restaurants you visit but you’re afraid of getting boo from the visitors? Check out this 5 Karaoke Tips to Kill It in a Bar or Restaurant first before you do so:

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1. Sing a String-Attached Song: Before you sing, choose a song that you really attached and won’t get a chance to forget the lyrics. It would be better if you really like the song. Honestly speaking, you will sing better on songs you already know than new songs you just heard. Believe me, the audience at the bar wants to enjoy the whole song completely instead of seeing a child practicing singing.
2. Know Your Audience: Imagine Bon Jovi singing “You Give Love A Bad Name” in front of a group of elderly who are Beethoven or Tchaikovsky fans. Instead of getting a festive applause, maybe John will have to go to the hospital because his head was bleeding from being hit by a pitcher. Trust me, you do not want to experience it. So please…choose songs that the audience can enjoy.
3. Sing Together in a Group: You feel you are capable of singing but not sure about the quality of your voice? If so, invite your friends to sing along. Singing together will blend your voice well. If necessary, invite all diners to sing along. They will get carried away in a togetherness atmosphere and will no longer focus too much on you. By this, you will not have to sing in a great way while you still can make people happy.

4. Do not Sing An Already-Sung-Song: Even though your voice is ways better than Celine Dion, it would be worthless to sing My Heart Will Go On right after her (even your performance is much more perfect). Come on, this is not a singing competition with mandatory songs to be sung!
5. Do not ever…ever…and ever Sing when You Drunk: This is a very important suggestion. Never sing when you are drunk! Please, restaurant diners deserve a quality time and your bad manners on the stage is not an appealing choice to be put in the itinerary. You may also want to read some articles on drunk drivingĀ for a better understanding of how alcohol can affect your physical activities and what kind risk it possess when you consume it while driving.

In addition to the suggestions above, I have one more suggestion that worthwhile for you. Just consider it as a bonus suggestion.

6. Practice A Lot at your Home: Great singers like Christina Perri or Mariah Carey also never stop practicing. And you’re lucky because now you can practice singing at home with Karaoke Revolution. You can sing with your Playstation and train yourself in a fun way. Even, you can practice with your friends at home whenever you want. Improve your singing, and be a rock star with this amazing game!