Why You Need A Water Softener And How They Work

Hard water comes with a lot of problems and challenges as you have probably realized by now. However, there are water softeners than will help you solve your problem. Water that contains magnesium and calcium ions is considered to be hard water. Ground water dissolves rocks and metals and travels with this impurities all the way to your house. Basically water softeners remove the hard minerals, making your water soft. But how exactly do they do this? And why do you need a water softener? This article will help you answer all these questions that have probably been bugging you.


Hard water contains ions of magnesium and calcium, these ions switch places with weaker sodium ions. This is known as ion exchange and basically how water is softened. Water softeners facilitate this exchange inside a tank with small plastic beads known as resin. The beads are negatively charged and the first bond with positively charged sodium ions. When water coming into your house flows past the beads, the weaker sodium ions are exchanged for stronger ions in the water. This stronger positively charged ions are the calcium, magnesium, and iron in your water.

Eventually the resin in your tank will no longer be able to exchange sodium ions for magnesium and calcium ions. This is because all the resin will have bonded with the magnesium and calcium ions. You may now be asking yourself what happens next. It’s very simple actually their is a second part in water softening know as regeneration. Put simply, regeneration is how your water softening system cleans and recharges itself. A secondary storage tank comes with all water softeners, water and water softening salts is added to the water creating a salt solution known as brine. The brine will go to the softening tank during regeneration and the ion exchange happens again, but in reverse this time round. The magnesium and calcium ions caught in the resin, are exchanged for sodium ions. Cleaning and disinfection of the water softener also happens and the water containing the hard minerals is flushed out of the system. This process mostly happens at night when you hardly need to use water, the resin will therefore be ready for water softening the following day.


You definitely need to have 2017’s best systems for water softening, and it is not for luxury reasons but due to the following reasons. First, shorter lifespan for household appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine. Second, the inefficiency of some appliances due to hard water build up. Third, you will require more soap and detergent to clean your clothes and wash your hair and skin, thereby increasing your expenditures. You may also experience dry and itchy skin due to hard water. Fleck Water Systems is leading the market when it comes to waster softening systems. Click here to get an overview of their systems.


Whether you get water from a private well or the municipality, This water is generally hard water. Municipalities treat water from impurities as they are required to, but don’t remove hardness minerals. Simply because they are not harmful to your health.Having read this article I hope your well informed of how water softeners work and why they are an essential must have in today’s modern society.

Top Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iOS Users

Android indeed makes life easier for its users as it allows us to get information or be entertained almost anywhere, anytime. Watching movies even when you’re not at home is made possible with Android & iOS. Here are top 7 best free movie apps for android & iOS users, Many are accessible at Google play store while others could be downloaded from outside sources:

1. Movie Box

With Movie Box Stream, you can watch movies directly on your Android gadget. This app allows you to search for several movies over the internet and watch them. You can search by genres or by year to help you narrow down your choices. Also, you can select an external link from which you can view the movie of your choice. MovieBox stores data into the SD Card temporarily. This allows you to watch your movies anytime you want and anywhere you go. Movie Box’s interface is easy to use.

2. Crackle

Sony-owned Crackle allows its user to watch full-length movies, TV streaming and web series. Watching these, however, comes with a price. You can download this app for free. Along with this free download are mini content including TV shows squeezed to a few minutes.

3. Netflix

Netflix is a popular movie and TV streaming app commonly run on the iOs and Windows 7 operating systems. Now, Netflix is available on Android. This allows Android users to search and watch movies and TV shows of their choice. It can be downloaded for free in the market but it may not be supported by certain phones.

4. Ustream Broadcaster

The Android version of Ustream Broadcaster for allows its users to view live mobile video from their devices over 3G or Wi-Fi. With this app, one can also record high-quality videos offline and later upload the video to Ustream.

5. Cartube

Cartube is an app which many kids may find interesting. Here, you can find classic animated movies available as YouTube videos. There are 30 symbols in this app and each represents and plays a certain cartoon. If a certain cartoon is removed, one can assign an alternate cartoon to that symbol. Broken links will be looked into by future releases as necessary.

6. Howcast

If you like to know how to get things done, this app may be very useful to you. Howcast features a lot of how-to-videos which you can view without having to turn on your PC. This is very useful especially when you’re on the go. Whether you’re trying to learn how to cook or fix something, Howcast gives you knowledge with a touch of a button.

So the rundown of Best Movie Apps closes here. Pick the best among these and recollect on the off chance that one of these is not working for you, attempt another. There may be some issue of stage simila

5 Important Appliances to Have in Your Bar

Setting up your own bar can seem quite daunting. How do you go about it? What appliances do you need? What kinds of drinks? What forms of entertainments? A bar’s got to reflect your tastes, as well as cater to the tastes and interests of those you plan on serving. Apart from just the style and design of it, it’s got to have efficient and wholesome appliances. Utility and functionality is key here. To help make it easier for you, we’ve narrowed down a list of FIVE important appliances you need to have in your bar.

Liquor Cabinet
Liquor Cabinet

1. Liquor Cabinet / Wine Cooler

You need a sleek, stylish place to keep your alcohol and wines. Instead of laying it out on a tray, it’s much more aesthetically pleasing to arrange all of them in a cabinet or a wine cooler. There are plenty of wine cooler options available, to suit your size and design needs. They also come either built-in or wall mounted. For cabinets, you could find one easily online or at a furniture store near you.

Ice Maker in a Bar
Ice Maker in a Bar

2. Ice Maker / Water Softener

Ice and drinks go hand in hand, and a bar is incomplete without some kind of facility to create or store ice. You have two options here: either purchase store bought ice or make your own ice! Ice makers make the whole process a lot more convenient, and end up saving an incredible amount of time! It’s an investment that will be absolutely worth it. Another add-on here is a water softener; you don’t want your ice (and also the water you serve) to be hard, so a water softener can be quite crucial. For my own bar in Corvallis, I read some of the water softener reviews online and decided to go for one from Fleck. It’s one of the best decisions I have made for my bar. Period.


3. Blender:

You certainly need a good blender to whip up that Margarita or Martini! It’s not possible to keep mixing drinks in glasses or using other short-cut methods. To make your bar a class apart you’ll need a good blender or juicer. The whole process of serving up a cocktail is made completely easy with a blender. No fuss at all. There is a plethora of options available, make sure to choose the one that best suits your needs. A blender is the finest appliance to help you master your bartending skills.

Bar Refrigerator
Bar Refrigerator

4. Refrigerator:

This one hardly needs an explanation as to how essential it is. Ideally a mini refrigerator would be apt for your bar, but you could pick one based on your needs. Apart from storing alcohol, it can also be used to keep other beverages. Having non-alcoholic beverage options gives your bar a lot more versatility and is sure to keep your guests content, especially those who are abstaining.

Kegerator in a Bar
Kegerator in a Bar

5. Kegerator:

To add that perfect final touch to your bar, get a Kegerator. It’s the cherry on the cake! Although typically used to dispense draft beer, a Kegerator can also be used for wines, coffees and other cold brews. It’s the perfect appliance for you and your beer-loving mates. There are a lot of great Kegerator options available. However, you can also convert an old refrigerator using a Kegerator conversion kit. This is an economical solution, which also gets the job done just right!

5 Different Types of Bars You Should Visit Today

You will discover all types of bars out there; so many, in fact, that the variety in the sorts of bars is combined with the variety of drinks that you’ll be served and sorts of entertainments you can get. While bars can often be a part of larger restaurants, hotels, and other businesses that folks frequent, several of these establishments stand on their own. Due to that independence, many of them adopt a personality dictated by way of a patronage, location, atmosphere, the sort of entertainment that they provide, and many more factors that leave a person hard-pressed to say that any two pubs at alike. Here are 5 several types of Bars you should visit as soon as possible:

Top 5 Different Types of Bars

Beer Garden

1. Beer Gardens

Make an effort to picture a large, open area where hundreds, if not hundreds of men and women gather together to enjoy alcohol and each other’s company and you have some notion of what a beer garden is similar to. The idea for these bars originated from Indonesia nevertheless they have since found their way in the yards of beer fans all over the world. A large number of beer gardens also provide food to fit the refreshments that customers order.


2. Brewpub

A brewpub is an establishment where the alcohol served is made right there on the premises. Some of the original brewpubs in countries like Germany are institutions which may have experienced a place for hundreds of years. Recently, the idea has trapped onto owners of modern restaurant chains outside of Europe and spawned places like Rock Bottom, Granitic City, and Hops Grillhouse and Brewery.

Wine Bar

3. Wine Bars

This fairly recent addition to the Combined States that gained acceptance throughout the 1990s, these businesses focus solely on serving wine, as compared to beer and alcohol. Many people flock to the types of pubs because their business model concentrates on a “try before you buy” philosophy. Persons can try samples of various wines while lurking and socializing with other Wine fans in a laid back, relaxing atmosphere.

Sports Bar

4. Sports Bars

These types of establishments cater to the fan who wants to enjoy beer, food, and the local sports groups with other fans. In many instances, the accessories will vary from location to place because of different sports teams. It’s also common to find local sports memorabilia like fixed balls, photographs, and china jerseys that the bar bought from local professional and school teams decorating the walls. Apart from that, some sports bars also have Karaoke systems. You can check out our Karaoke tips before you go visit one so that you can kill it on the stage. 🙂

Cocktail Lounge

5. Cocktail Lounges

These are the sorts of places mentioned at the beginning. You will typically find these sorts of bars in places like hotels, restaurants, and airports. In cocktail lounges, bartenders offer a variety of mixed drinks in a quiet, relaxed environment for their patrons.

These kinds of are simply a few of the types of bars that you’ll face away there. Beyond these programs, there are bars that appeal to specific audiences, like motorcycle enthusiasts, single people, college or university students, off-duty rules enforcement, and many other demographics.

Whatever kind of bar you want to visit and enjoy a glass or two there, it’s almost sure that there’s something out there to fit your personality.

4 Types of Entertainment You Can Introduce in Your Bar

If you want to make your bar a success, you must have the right atmosphere! Having an exciting buzz will entice your guests to come back again and again. You can bring in tried-and-tested bar games and entertainments to keep your bar humming with activity till dawn!

So what type of entertaining activities should you have in your bar? The art of choosing the right entertainment for your bar must revolve around keeping guests engaged for longer so people keep returning for their weekly dose of activities and games while socializing with their friends.


Here are the four main types of entertainment you can introduce in your bar to keep guests coming back:

1. Karaoke

Bar Karaoke

Having a Karaoke night will provide your guests with the ultimate fun night in your bar. Many people just want to perform to have fun and karaoke is a wonderful way to engage your guests and give them a chance to get up on stage and shine!

You can set up multiple Karaoke booths that can accommodate more than one singer at a time for those who are interested in duets! You can dedicate one day of the week as a karaoke night or throw karaoke themed parties on the weekends! Invest in a karaoke machine for your bar with good audio quality, durability and a good song database today and see how entertained your guests will be.


2. Fun Games

Fun Games

You can choose from dice drinking games which are simple and cost effective and introduce other games like Klondike, Farkel and Tally-hold to keep your guests entertained. Music related games are always fun and you can introduce the popular ‘Name that Tune’ where a guest must identify the song after hearing only a part of the song; the person who guessed the most correctly wins. Trivia is another game of guessing that is fun and popular: pick a topic of interest and hire a high-energy, entertaining host to quiz your guests.

You can attract a younger crowd by having a video game night for games such as Halo or Call of Duty for social gamers.

Throwing darts is one of the most popular and it doesn’t cost much to set up. If you have enough space, you can set up a dart board, buy some darts and provide a great fun experience for your guests!


3. Live TV

Live TV

It is natural to install at least one good quality television in your bar, especially if you want yours to be sport-themed. Sports bars need TVs so that enthusiasts can watch their favorite games while socializing. So make sure your cable or network is equipped with the most up-to-date sports packages for your guests. You can also use apps like ShowBox and Netflix for streaming TV related content on a large HDTV or projector in your bar.


4. Sports & Sport-related Events

Sports Bar

Pool, Air Hockey or Foosball are great games for maintaining a regular and loyal customer base. These games are so popular that people will keep coming back to play! You can have dedicated nights for sports and even host tournaments for enthusiasts. And of course, your bar can support local teams by hosting special events for them.

6 Karaoke Tips to Kill It in a Bar

Do you think that you are an Alicia-Keys-wannabe-singer who do not have enough confidence to sing in front of an audience you do not know? Or, you want to perform in some late-time bars and restaurants you visit but you’re afraid of getting boo from the visitors? Check out this 5 Karaoke Tips to Kill It in a Bar or Restaurant first before you do so:

karaoke tips
1. Sing a String-Attached Song: Before you sing, choose a song that you really attached and won’t get a chance to forget the lyrics. It would be better if you really like the song. Honestly speaking, you will sing better on songs you already know than new songs you just heard. Believe me, the audience at the bar wants to enjoy the whole song completely instead of seeing a child practicing singing.
2. Know Your Audience: Imagine Bon Jovi singing “You Give Love A Bad Name” in front of a group of elderly who are Beethoven or Tchaikovsky fans. Instead of getting a festive applause, maybe John will have to go to the hospital because his head was bleeding from being hit by a pitcher. Trust me, you do not want to experience it. So please…choose songs that the audience can enjoy.
3. Sing Together in a Group: You feel you are capable of singing but not sure about the quality of your voice? If so, invite your friends to sing along. Singing together will blend your voice well. If necessary, invite all diners to sing along. They will get carried away in a togetherness atmosphere and will no longer focus too much on you. By this, you will not have to sing in a great way while you still can make people happy.

4. Do not Sing An Already-Sung-Song: Even though your voice is ways better than Celine Dion, it would be worthless to sing My Heart Will Go On right after her (even your performance is much more perfect). Come on, this is not a singing competition with mandatory songs to be sung!
5. Do not ever…ever…and ever Sing when You Drunk: This is a very important suggestion. Never sing when you are drunk! Please, restaurant diners deserve a quality time and your bad manners on the stage is not an appealing choice to be put in the itinerary. You may also want to read some articles on drunk driving for a better understanding of how alcohol can affect your physical activities and what kind risk it possess when you consume it while driving.

In addition to the suggestions above, I have one more suggestion that worthwhile for you. Just consider it as a bonus suggestion.

6. Practice A Lot at your Home: Great singers like Christina Perri or Mariah Carey also never stop practicing. And you’re lucky because now you can practice singing at home with Karaoke Revolution. You can sing with your Playstation and train yourself in a fun way. Even, you can practice with your friends at home whenever you want. Improve your singing, and be a rock star with this amazing game!